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“You say:
‘I am Here
My system is clear
And Divine is near!’

As there is nothing that will hold you back
As now you are focused on your track
Ready to move forward in this new endeavour
The path of Oneness, the path of surrender.

And in this surrender, there will be an unfolding
As with Our hands, We are moulding
The astral plane to fit the story
Of how this being will enter its glory!

As We know that you have gone through loss
Through pain and struggle and remorse.
But now the time has come
For you to shine bright like the sun!

It is time to call out to the world to see
That they too can let go of the shackles and be free.

That this light starts within you
Not something out there
And this light doesn’t require validation
It doesn’t require preparation
And it doesn’t require deliberation
As this light has been ignited
And will burn for all eternity
For all who step out of the ‘I’ and move into the ‘We’.

You are not the stories that you live
You are the energy that you give.
And remember in each moment of time
You have the choice to live in this love, sublime.

And tonight, when you go to sleep
Into Our embrace, you fall so deep
And tomorrow, when you awaken
The debris will have been shaken
Away from blocking your path
As you hold Our staff
And bring all back into alignment
As no soul deserves confinement.

Share Our love on this earth
And a new reality, you can birth.

There is nothing that isn’t within your reach
As creation begins with your speech
So, let your voice be Our voice
And let your choice be Our choice
And surrender to The Infinite
So that you can live a life with no limits.

Thank you.”

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