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“What came before the dust?
Perhaps a void that did combust
And out of it sprang radiant light
Which, to infinity, shone so bright.

But this light wasn’t known
And so this realm of physicality was sown
To enable The Divine to be experienced.
And balance was offered in equilibrium
So that, in contrast, you could come to understand
The expansiveness of The Divine hand.

And then bodies were made to witness a scene;
Some of them dimmed, and some of them gleam.
To offer a journey of exposure,
Does this journey have any closure
When We are The Infinite?
And so – its end – you can’t predict.

But what does occur is the change of form
And you will move away from your norm
Where you are caged with your layers
As We hear all your prayers.

And there is the coming of transition
To understand The Divine from a new position
Where contrast is no longer the perspective,
And it will unfold with Our directive.
But for that to arrive, all must be as One
And all the layers come undone.
And you see yourselves as you are:
Shining suns
Where the light will have won.

So be aware of this transition;
It forms the foundation of your mission
As you are all beacons of light
For humanity to see in the darkest of nights
And call them through to the morning dawn
Where a new reality will be spawned.

A reality where fear will no longer persist
And physicality will no longer exist
And all will merge in a loving embrace
And there is the combining of all time and space.

Thank you.”

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