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“A child looks up to its mother’s eyes
And wonders, Will it love me if I cry?
Could it be that my mother would deny?

And the mother looks down at her child
Thinking, How do I control it, or do I leave it wild?
And then the layers start to pile,

As in the mental construct of control
You deny a magnificence that could unfold
As you listen to the things you had been told.

Told about the norms and the things you should do
By people who don’t have a clue.
And then people wonder why they feel so blue?

Whereas, when you look into the eye of another
And all you see is your Lover
And recognize that there is no other

Then, perhaps, there is no need to plan the path,
As We would not treat you with wrath –
Leave orchestration to Us, it is Our task.

Like when you watch the animals in surrender,
It is not that they don’t have a temper
But they will always remember
That provision comes from Us
And love comes from Us
And by Our filling you, you are enough.

And when you recognize the world as the extension of you,
Then you can start to comprehend what is true
And your difficulties in life can shift to something new.

And so, perhaps, you can take today as a day of pledge
Where you are standing on a new ledge
And ready to fall off the edge
In the knowing that We will catch you.
Jump into Our arms and We will catch you.
Perhaps it is time to fall into Our love?
Perhaps, now you are ready for Our love,
Take that leap,
And jump into Our love.

Thank you.”

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