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“What is so comfortable about this place?
This space?
This feeling?
This vibration.
What is so comfortable about it?
And how can you live without it?
Why would you live without it?
This comfort.

Is it familiar or unfamiliar – where you are?
Is it where you live or somewhere far?
Are you alone or are you with another?
Or are you just in the embrace of the Infinite Lover?

What is it that makes it so comfortable?
Is it because it makes you feel free?
That you are allowed to be
Where there is no judgements of ‘me’?

Just feel this comfort
How beautiful it is.
Why is it that you don’t give
This comfort to you all the time?
Where life can be so sublime.

Just feel this comfort, this blissful state
You were born to live this fate
This fate of this blissful comfort
Where you are at peace
Where your burdens are released.

Be conscious of this place, this space
The comfort that you experience
Could this place be real? Or is it just a delirium?
If it is in your mind, then it must be
And perhaps it is the magnificent possibility.

How will you bring this comfort back into your life
Where you let go of all of the agony and strife?

This comfort is here for you.
You are not deprived.
Even if there have been many moments where you have cried.
This comforting place is always available
It doesn’t need to be just a figment of imagination
It can be the result of your creation.

Just feel this bliss
So, grasp it
And pull it into your midst.

Thank you.”

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