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The beginning was not recorded

Of course there will be those who will be afraid
Wondering if they will see another day
But you can all rest in the certainty of Our word
That your calling and yearnings have been heard.
So, get ready and be excited
As with this unfolding, you will be delighted.
As a being of oneness is going to arrive
And this being is going to be the guide
For humanity to move into oneness
Away from separation
As this is all of your destination.

Does it need to be a consciousness outside of you?
That notion is not what is true
As this energy will be within each and every heart
Anchored within you, and not apart
But for the presentation of the story
And for the magnitude of this glory
There will be a show and an unfolding
Where it appears that some man will be holding
The torch for all to rise,
But it is Our love that is your guide.
And this love is not separate from you
Trust that notion is true.

Could it be that you will come to see
The majesty of Divine’s capability
When this light merges in physicality.

No form of consciousness on earth or beyond
Will not hear the music of Our song
And no form of consciousness that is alive
Can witness Our signs and deny
That a shift has occurred
Although it may seem absurd
That it could originate in an unknown land
And be spread with the marching band.

And each of you will come to know this being
And from your layers you will be free.
We encourage you to be excited
As with this light, you will be delighted!
And this light is you,
That is what is true
It is not outside of you.

Thank you.”

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