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Change is on its way.
It presents itself in a play
Not to leave you in dismay
But to reconfigure your surroundings
And to draw you in a new grounding
And to witness Our bounty.

Change doesn’t always come in the way that you want it to be
But you can always be rest assured in the guarantee
It is always for you to see
How brightly it is that you shine
And when change comes, recall this rhyme:
That you are ripe for this new phase
So that your light is set a blaze
And you radiate Our rays.

Do not get consumed by the story
Labels or glory
Or in the opposite, ‘poor me’.
And when you come and question why?
It is so you no longer deny
The opportunity for the soul to fly.

You look around and you feel comfortable now in your position
But you are too stuck for your upcoming mission
And yet We have not revealed the full vision
So trust and allow what unfolds
And yes, it may not fit a mould
But what you will witness is Divine’s gold.
Golden light that will transmute this realm
With the marching band at the helm.

Thank you.
We would say get excited,
Stay excited
Be united
And ignited.

Change is here.”

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