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“You are a butterfly, breaking out of its cocoon.
Could it be that it happened so soon,
Where you are able to spread your wings and fly?
This connection with The Divine, you cannot deny
That it elevates your being in every spot.
It was only that you had forgot
That We are eternal within your heart.
We have been with you from the start.

So just hold with Us your attention,
There is no need for grandiose redemption,
Just to recognize your inner light
So that this butterfly can take flight
And spread its love in a garden,
So that all the beings feel their stardom
And, along with you, they can shine
And sing along in Our rhyme.

And so, go forth in the earth
And fulfil the purpose of your birth –
Just to know the Oneness that you are
And that We are you, never far.

Thank you.”

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