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"A chick hatches from a little egg
And out it comes to stand on its legs
Observing all around what there is to see,
Waiting patiently for what must be.
And with the nurturing of Our love
It sees its family fly up above
And thinks to itself, ‘Perhaps one day
I too in the sky may go and play.’

Is it because it has the example
That it is willing to taste the sample
Of what is possible for its unfolding?
Is it the other birds that form its moulding?
Or is it the surrender to what must be:
That from its little nest it may also flee
Into the air and in the sky above
Soaring freely, within Our love?

And the caterpillar pushes out of its little cocoon
In the darkness of night, below the moon,
Squeezing its wings out of its lock,
And amongst the flowers, with others, it flocks.
Is it concerned with the cocoon it left behind?
Or is it free of the limiting bind?
That was the gateway to experience bliss
And, by pushing through, it’s now within Our midst.

And you too have layers upon you;
Layers so thick, you believe they are true,
Though your shell is not physical, but still a bind.
And the chains are held within your mind
And We reassure you that you can let go
To experience love, so that you know
That it is infinite,
There is no limit
To how far you can glow.

And when you glow, and your heart expands
It’s not limited to you, or all the land
And everything that sits within this realm.
Truth is then what leads at the helm.
And all you experience is a reflection of Us
And because of that experience, in Us you trust –
That We are not going anywhere
And We have been asking of you that Our love you share.

Thank you."

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