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“Wailing, billowing waves,
Under the earth lie your graves
And you come to this realm for an apportioned time
And some of you grasp at what you can call ‘mine’
While others walk effortlessly as they shine
And others blend in a monotonous rhyme.

Do you know what it is you came here for?
It is not to come and settle a score.
And no matter how much you gather, you will always want more
Until, one day, yourself you abhor.

This existence is not for collection and greed
Or for the abstinence, according to creed.
It is for witnessing The Divine spark within
And that unfolding does not come at your whim.

Does your finger act without the instruction of your brain
Other than sending messages of pleasure or pain?
Just like your finger is a part of a witnessing tool,
You live in this existence to witness a school
Of sorts, that unfolds the layers
And the layers fall away with your prayers,
Not by going to those who are soothsayers
But by surrendering to an unfolding bliss within
Where you allow your truth to shine and not to dim,
Where you release the notion of ‘good’ and ‘sin,’
As that assumes separateness,
And in the witnessing there is a Oneness.

All is One within Our vibration
And in recognizing that there is salvation.
It is the purpose of creation –
Step into that state with elation.

But as long as you see a separating divide
That has resulted from your ego or pride
You will be tossed around without direction
As you scramble about to live in perfection.

But all it takes is the flip of a switch
To recognize that the one in the ditch
Is just like you,
With yearnings true.
There is no difference,
You exist in congruence,
You choose to see you are separate
And that choice is what makes you desperate.

We assure you it would be easier and more fulfilling
To pass through life without all the billowing
And instead choose to recognize
That everything you feel inside
Is reflected on the canvas you see
Painted, with Our artistry.

Thank you.”

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