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“On a starry night, you see the moon
Looking out from the window of your room.
And you wonder, perhaps, is there life out there?
Would you come to know it, if you look up and stare?

And what's out there looks back at you,
At a planet that appears to be blue,
Reflective of its consciousness,
Knowing it is part of Us.

And you imagine, perhaps, in your mind, one day
That on the moon you’ll go and play.
And the other beings want to come
And join in with all of your fun.

Why then does there appear to be a separation
Where the boundary of your world comes to a cessation?
It is you who sets the limits:
The mind decides what it permits.

But if you viewed your home as the universe
And life out there did the reverse
Would you not all just be as One?
Enjoying the orbit of the Sun?

And then, perhaps, why stop there?
It's up to you, if you chose to dare,
To move beyond what can be seen,
To explore the realms of the other beings.

Although perhaps they seem unfamiliar
They are all in fact quite similar;
Just refracted spectra of Our light
That exists so that We shine so bright.

And even in your world there are those you cannot see.
Does that mean that they cannot be?
When you are all just energy
Focusing intently on the ‘me.’

All of you have the same home
Which is in connection, not alone,
And when you acknowledge all that exists
Our love for you can only persist.

And perhaps you wonder if one day you will fly
As it is, up to the clouds so high?
But soon you will travel beyond this realm
With the marching band at the helm.

Thank you.”

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