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Is not the place that is made of stone
Or the place you go to be alone
It is the space in which the heart opens
It is the place where you return to Us
After a period in the rough
A place where you can exhale the weight
A place for the gestation of your fate.

And here you sit on this stone
A stone that you refer to as your home
And it is Us who calls you here
A place for you to release your fear
And know that We are always near.

And you resonate with this land
It is the home of The Marching Band
That will call to the world – north and south
And will spread Our word west and east
So that they can remind all that they too can feast
When the layers of separation have been released.

It is on this rock that a child will be born
And do not doubt, as We have sworn
That it will be from the first initial dawn
That came to this realm and this earth
This is the place for the giving of birth!

And this child will grow into a man
And will be the leader of The Marching Band
It will not fight with knives that bring death
But it will transmute your flesh
Into subtle beings so that you are free
Free from all existing misery.

At first this child will not be known
And only a few will be shown
Until this child is fully grown.

Dira sets the foundations for its arrival.

You do not need to understand how it will come to be
It is a part of Our wonder – just like the sea
Just like the wind or fire that burns.
Each one will have their turn
To experience the miracle of what We offer

And in your minds perhaps, you think this is empty talk.
How can it be? when you walk this walk
This path of surrender to Divine
A path that’s sweetness is sublime.
Could it be that We would make you all to be a fool?
Just because it was not something taught in school?
If others don’t know of what is to come
It does not mean that it will not be done!
They just choose to ignore the signs
And the sign that is coming will blow their minds.

Keep within a humble grace,
It is the light that radiates from your face
That will lead all to the path of grace.

Thank you.”

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