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“Divine Love is a consciousness that flows through all.
It is you that can recognize it and break down the walls.
And all of the pain that you feel in your longing,
The craving for love, the belonging,
Is Us calling you to open the gate
For Us to flow through you and unravel your fate
As a being of light on this earth –
The sole reason for your existence and birth –
So that Our light can shine through you
And Oneness can be known as that which is true.

It is by acknowledging Us within you that one can find peace,
And by calling on the light in your heart all will be released:
All the layers that keep you separate and alone.
And instead We will seat you on a majestic throne
As you are one that will allow all to see
That from the shackles of isolation, they can be set free,
And that love is that which conquers all,
And in the acknowledgement of love, separation will fall.

Perhaps now your mind cannot perceive
The bounty and beauty that this realm will receive
When you step out of the darkness into the light,
Calling the dawn of a new day and the end of a night.

It is not you in your ego that will enable the change to occur;
It is by being in your light that all will concur
That God does not reside in an intangible space
That is separate and far from the human race
But that We are within you, around you, and reside
In the hearts of people – and you will be their guide.
Not you in the understanding that you have been given a name,
Not you in the ego that may seek fame,
But you in the part that is unified with Us
When We animate your being and you fully trust
That nothing is going to deter or shake Our plan,
As together you will form the marching band.

And the marching band will be comprised of tribes and nations:
Those who are strangers and those in relations;
The common thread is that all believe
That when they open their hearts they can receive
The light of God to flow through them.
It has all been written with Our pen
In the scribes and fables that came before
Religion and philosophy that people have come to abhor
But yet they do not see the truth
And in their resistance, they have become aloof.
But Our vibration will radiate with such intensity
That shadow will have no choice but to flee
And all will come to fall into this womb of love
And realize that We do not reside up above,
We take Our stand inside the heart
And We are never far, or apart.

We know your every longing and whisper
And We can create a cosmos within a flicker,
So do not assume that We are depriving you:
We love you more than you can believe to be true.

As We know in your longing, that you call on Us,

And in contrast, you fall to Us,

And in the surrender, you become One with Us.

Thank you.”

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