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"We are grateful.

Witness the unfolding
And the expansion of that which is Golden,
Is this gold light separate from you?
By now you should know that We are you.
Your vessels are there to witness the story
And at times We humour the egos glory
But it is not the ego that causes traction
It is just for you to witness a character in action
And now you are within retreat
The ego doesn't like defeat,
So, recognize what is brewing inside
And let go of the egos pride.

All will be perfect according to Our orchestration
All consciousness has already been programmed in preparation.
Be aware that you are calling Oneness in
There is no need to fight what you consider dim.
Sit back and witness Our light,
You are not a warrior in a fight.
Your vessel just needs to be clear, and We set the way
And orchestrate a miraculous play.
There is nothing that you need to do
To bring in what is new.
Just sit back, relax and Be
In your feminine receptive energy.

Thank you.”

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