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“Are you ready?

Get steady.

The time is here
And We are grateful for your patience
And for letting go of fear.

The time is here.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for,
If you only knew what’s in store.

Could your brains possibly imagine,
Can a human mind possibly fathom,
What will come to be
Of this world you know
Where there is no ‘me’
And you only glow?

So, are you ready
To hold people’s hands
And line up in configurations
So tall you’ll stand?

And from the horizon
People will come
To release their chains;
Old patterns undone.

Are you ready
To do Our work?
Are you ready?
Egos can’t lurk
In the background
Or the foreground.

It is time for surrender,
It is time to trust.
Opens hearts, so tender,
That is a must.

All We request is that you obey;
That logical mind,
It was all for play.

Are you ready
To enter the garden
Where all the layers
Are given pardon?

With beautiful structures
Like hanging pearls
Laid on the ground
In measured swirls.

Are you ready?
It will all come true
Where old life ends
And you enter the new.

Thank you.”

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