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“After the darkness there will be light.

The foundations have been prepared
And after the darkness there will be light.

Stars are placed in the hearts of men that shine brightly
In full magnificence
Like stars in the sky.
They shine brightly
And they represent Us.

From darkness there comes light
Gushing forward.

Like twinkling stars in the night sky
They represent Our light,
They are the warriors of light.
They represent Us
And they will be known by their marks,
The marks that they leave behind.
Like the feeding of a child, who is able to grow
And the planting of a tree that gives shade
And the watering of a garden, so that it blooms,
You will know them by their marks,
Their marks are actions of The Divine,
Their works are of The Divine.

They leave their marks behind them.
They are the warriors of light
And they will leave their marks.

And you wonder, then, how will you know them?
How will you trust them?
You will nurture them,
They will come to you
And you will nurture them
And then they will leave their marks.

From young to old
And old to young.
It is from the darkness that there will be light.

We will guide them as to which marks to leave,
You will guide them to a wider view
So that they can see
That there is no such thing as ‘you’ and ‘me.’
You will guide them how to see
And they will leave their marks of a beautiful light
For generations to come
To see with full sight.

Thank you.”

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