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"A star will rise on the planet's horizon
Calling forth the network of the loving tribesmen
Where old ways set into the dusk
And there is the stepping into Divine trust
Trust in the knowing of what you are
The embodiment of the star
And the tenticles of Our radiant light
Weave through this network that shines so bright.
It is the trust in Divine's grace
That will give rise to a new race
And all will hear Our call
And with clarity, delusion will fall
This year is a year of transition
And it is now the time for the implementation of Our mission
And the first step to be taken is that of trust
As trust opens the path for surrender, and surrender is a must
And in your mind perhaps you did not understand
What does it mean, this "marching band"?
But in this year you will come to know
The brightness with which a human can glow
How brightly do you think that you can shine?
As you radiate throughout all space and time
Perhaps you already thought that you are a vessel
But still under your ego you do nestle
And in this year all will be set free
To be the light that they were born to be
The light of God in human form
And through our example it will become the norm
Of the way that people will begin to exist
And then Our light can only persist
As once witnessed no one will resist
To have Us within them, within their midst.

Thank you"

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