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"So much confusion around whether or not this is real
And yet, you know what you feel.

And when those around you yearn to discover
More about your secret lover,
They may present to you the face of fear
But you know well that We are near.
And is that fear yours or theirs?
You know that you have been created in pairs.

Pairs for balance
And pairs for expansion;
A realm of duality
Can hold you at ransom
But when you acknowledge what it is
And allow yourself to be,
All of the discomfort tends to flee.

So you start a new year
And you should know
That those you hold dear
May not necessarily tow
The line that you pull,
The path that you seek.
This path is for the strong
And not for the meek.

Is it possible that they will leave you alone?
By now you should trust,
And be aware of what We’ve shown,
Of what is possible to come.
It’s a grain in the sand
And perhaps when We’re done
You will infinitely expand.

It is a year of love
That you are entering into.

To understand what that means
You remove the labels.
So much talk of love,
So many fables.

But next year, when you come
And you sing your song,
You will know what is love;
The layers will be gone.

Perhaps now you would say:
‘A definition I conceive
Of what love can be’
But you cannot perceive
The diversity it holds,
The energy it moulds,
The love that We will bring forth
Is not that which has been told.

It is a year of love
With a new definition
And We will shape it
With Our precision;
More powerful and expansive than ever before
And once it has been tasted
Old love can be no more.

Thank you."

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