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“A seed is planted in the ground
Not knowing that it has been found
And when it bursts through its layer,
A result of its prayer,
It comes out of the darkness, into the light,
Not knowing that that light would shine so bright
And it grows into a beautiful flower
Supported by all of Our power.

Could it be that this flower is you
In the unravelling of all you will do?

And then the flower sheds seeds on the earth
As it is time to live a new earth.

At first the seed feels alone,
As that is all that is shown.
But when the shoot sprouts in the garden
It knows that all has been pardoned
And it looks around at the others in awe
And knows that, by seeing, there is more
To what was conceived as a lonely existence
But now it is connected
And there is no more resistance
To its blossoming into all of its sparkle.
And at the other flowers, it also marvels
That, when together, connected as One,
They all shine brighter together than the sun.

Thank you.”

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