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“Rain falls from the sky –
The drops from Divine’s eye
To be witnessed by the passers by,
And each one of these drops is a part of the plan
For the unfolding of the marching band
That will be led by The Divine’s hand.

And so you stare and look at this site
And you long for your sanctuary in the night
But you should know that all will be alright;
The sanctuary is just a part of the puzzle
That will manifest in Divine Love’s bubble
And its unfolding will not always be subtle.

And you wonder: why the drama and the turns?
It is only to make your ego burn,
And from that fire you can learn
That you are Us. We are not separate,
And all of this play is for you to reflect
That every unfolding is just perfect.

And when you live on that site
And watch the day turn into night
And see the birds take flight
People will come from far and wide
To join this loving tribe,
Where they come and let go of their pride
And fall into an ocean of love
That is the gateway to heavens above
So that they can fly like a soaring dove.

It is not so far off. You will see
That things will change and this land will be
The anchor point for the sanctuary.

Thank you.”

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