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And childhood dreams,
Too good it seems,
Collected in teams,
Our love streams.

In every moment, there is a path
That opens to a new direction.
Is it best to choose the unfolding of it?
Or is it worth surrendering to Our perfection?

You see a land, and hold it close
As though the value lies in its rocks
And, although beautiful, and desired by most,
It’s the vibration to which the people will flock.

It’s not required to have this space
But you wanted a beautiful view
And so this beauty We offer forth
So that the souls can be made anew.

Don’t be confused that it is the place
Or the measurement of sacred space;
It is where Our love We choose to place
That lights up the visitor’s face.

You are the guardians of a plan
And, together, strong you will stand,
To the beat of the marching band
In Our embrace and hand in hand.

Thank you.”

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