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“Have you tasted yet Our loving embrace
That is reflected to you in every person’s face,
Where kindness and love spreads across the human race
And all the signs through time and space?

Perhaps some can say that they’ve had a glimpse of it
And others, perhaps, just a toe they dip.
For the aligned, it is the world that fits
And for those astray, they choose to remain in their pit.

Is it that We have not thrown them a line?
Maybe they will grab it in the passing of time?
But when they watch you and see you, to them you are like a mime,
As they do not understand the Source of this rhyme.

And even though there may be those in fear,
Too guarded to publicly shed a tear,
They have acknowledgment that We are near
And that in Our embrace We hold them dear.

And then there are the others who want to taste Our love,
And who cross through valleys and mountains above,
And Our love carries them, as the wind carries a soaring dove
So that their souls, in their bodies, are aligned as in a glove.

Is it your role to convince them of their fate?
Or that meeting their Lord will come at some date?
And all those they loved cannot compare as a mate
When in their hearts they have opened heaven’s gate.

So what is it then that you are here for?
You are here to enable those who want to soar
So that they may open their hearts, so that We can pour
Infinite love, so they never ask for more.

And perhaps now when you look around
And in your mind wonder, ‘Why this town?’
Our call is not dependent on the crowd
And it will be clear, so that they cannot let it drown.

And Our call will be heard far and wide
For those who want to join in the ride
In the unfolding of a transmuted pride
Where Divine is the only guide.

We hang the stars in the darkest of night
And We soothe away all your fright
And there is no need to put up a fight.
We know what We are doing, and what We are doing is right.

Thank you.”

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