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“Feel yourself falling deep in the ground
And, in the surrender, you hear the sound
Of the soul’s whisper calling you
To allow your truth to shine through.

And you have been on a journey with rises and falls –
All a reminder of Our call –
So, listen to this voice from within your heart
That has been speaking to you right from the start

But as a result of conditioning and norms
Limitations have been formed
And the voice from within has been ignored
Even when signs and blessings have been poured.

But now you are aware that this voice is true
And it has always been with you, it is not something new;
Only now the volume is loud and clear
And you have let go of separation and fear.

And you have come together to form a marching band
That disbursed across the world – you will stand
And call others to know this voice
And remind them that they too have a choice
In remaining deaf and blind
Even though Our signs are there to remind
That this connection lies within each and everyone,
And all have been born to shine brighter than the sun.

And at first, perhaps, they won’t understand,
As this concept is new in their land.
But just because something isn’t known
Doesn’t mean that truth should be denied when it’s shown.
Yet, each has their journey for possibility
And know that your only responsibility
Is to be an anchor for Our light
In this phase of chaos and dark night.

And know that this realm is entering transition
And will be orchestrated perfectly as per Our vision,
And each one of you has a role to take
As, through all of you, a new earth We’ll make.

Thank you.”

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