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“If We were to write a love letter
What would it say?
That all We want is for you to feel better
And that your life is joyous play.

But to hear those words, perhaps you could not agree
And you would say that this place sometimes isn’t fair,
But it is in the struggle that We set you free
And it is in that freedom that you may choose to dare.

Dare to be the light that you are,
Dare to shine like a sparkling star,
Dare to trust that We aren’t far.

We are in every particle of your being
And everything outside of you that you are seeing.
We are in companionship, and We are in war,
We are in your ‘good’ parts and those that you may abhor.
It is you who places the judgement on Us,
Not recognizing the diamond in the rough.

But all contrast is there for you to understand your light,
So that the sun rises into the day from night.
It doesn’t mean that We love you any less,
It doesn’t mean that you have been put to a test.
It is that, in the moment, you do not comprehend the full picture
But when understanding comes in a flicker
Then you come to see that you have never been alone,
That Our love flows within you, in your blood and your bones,
And it also flows in every blade of grass,
Every pebble,
Every flower that lines the path.

And so, when you step into this garden of life,
Know that We would not leave you alone in strife
But inhale the air
And feel Our love
And greet the trees
And receive Our love.
And when the sun shines down
Know it is Our love
That is reminding you, that We don’t sit only in the heavens above.
That heaven lays within your heart,
It has been there right from the start,
This is merely a journey in which you pass through
To understand and witness that which is true.
The truth that in all of Our components,
In the comrades and opponents,
Love is that which keeps Us alive,
Love is that which allows you to thrive
Because it is in love that We are known;
It is in love, that truth is shown.

Thank you.”

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