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Step onto the shore
A new life to explore.

Taking one step at a time
Following the rhythm of Our rhyme
All that you have been waiting for,
It is time!

And We appreciate the patience.
It is time to take your stations
We understand that you have been waiting for things to unfold
Based on Our guidance that We have told
And for some it is a story that has gotten old.
But for those who have allowed the energy to gestate
This year will be the year that you step into your fate
As it is now that We will open the gates
Open the gates for the merging of this energy and Our vibration
And it will merge into the physicality of this nation
For the unfolding of all that you have been making preparation.

Perhaps you do not perceive how all of the parts connect
But as this year passes along, you will look back in retrospect
And understand that everything in the Divine plan is perfect.
Regardless of what it is that you didn’t understand
Relating to the notion of the marching band
And what you perceive to be the testing of strength for what you can withstand.
How else could We have made you strong and unwavering?
Strong enough to enable others also in their delayering
As now you move beyond just you and the ‘I’
And the impact is upon all that is held within the sky.

Open your eyes and witness the magic
And yes, for some, what you have been through was tragic
But in the end, it is where you will all return
And you are free to witness and learn
About how love can transmute any fear
As separation is what causes your tears
All calling you to come back to Us.
The Us that is not far and detached
We are not detached from you.

2024 is for the physicalized fate.
It is time for action. No need to wait.
It may not unfold in the way that you want it to be
But We assure you that it will be in the way that will set you free.
Free from all boundaries and conditions that have kept you stuck.
It will be so miraculous; it cannot be excused to luck.
As only Divine is the One that will enable this to unfold
The unfolding of that which you have been told
The unfolding of that which you are on this earth to do
Which is to release the old, and bring in the new.
And nothing will prevent Our vision
It has all been calculated with detailed precision.

2024 is a moment of fate, where one has no choice but to elevate.
And you wonder, is it fate of the individual or fate of the collective?
And what We would say is that is a limited perspective.
As nothing happens to one, without it happening to all
And humanity will hear Our call.
There will be no choice but to see
That all are One in humanity.

2024 is a destined pivotal moment of fate
It will be fast and sudden, there is no more wait.
You have been wanting and longing for this for years
All the time releasing those fears.
It is not something that is within your control
As you have to take a leap of faith into the unknown.
So, are you ready to jump and take that leap?
It is only in faith, that the benefits you will reap.

Do not be afraid
As for you, this realm We have made
So, step out of the shade
And soar with the light
It is your birth right.

Thank you.”

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