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Dira Advanced Channeling

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I received so much valuable information and "aha" moments that changed my perspective on life and made my life lighter. I loved the retreat so much. It also gave me hope one day I could start channelling myself. I signed up for a Dira subscription to follow on the journey along.

First of all i would like to thanks Lubna and Divine for having provided to me the opportunity to be on this Advance Dira retreat. The retreat was way more powerful than i have expected. I have learned more about the channellling through the retreat. Therefore it is a must to do that kind of retreat if you have done the induction. What Lubna and Divine have provided in this retreat, i mean the tools, the techniques and the knowledge were exactly what i needed right now to work on my traumas and my negative tendencies to have lets say a better life. I will continue to work daily on the exercises given, so as to transmute as much negativity as I can. Grateful for everything.

Dira teaching is motivated by an inner drive to share divinity with all humans. The facilitator Lubna Kharusi is an awakened soul, a conscious practitioner, teacher and a living example of selfless giving, caring, compassion and service. The teaching are all based on personal experience, there is no dogma, the participant can realize for themselves the increase sense of peace, neutrality, harmony, compassion, clarity, strength and sovereignty within themselves to lead their life into higher purpose.

For me,this retreat (like all the others) represents a large open gate to process the light of my path , a start and a motivation to work with me self. When we work together,I feel happy and grateful for all that I receive. I like you, Lumna,your voice, calm, your safety, your energy , your professionalism,and I put the intention to participate at Level I . Thank you very much, I am grateful and honored to be part of Dira International.🙏💫💛🦋🌹

I am just grateful to be part of it

Very informative and well explained . A valuable resource for gaining clear and in-depth knowledge.

As every channeling retreat unfolds, it remains an amazing experience, and I'm always grateful to be a part of it. The retreat has deepened my connection to channeling, helping me grow, and teaching new things. It's improved how I experience channeling.

Even when hearing some of the same information again, new things come up that apply to the point in my journey I am in this moment. I appreciate the reinforcement of core concepts and always love the amplified energy when we come together as a group.

Participating in DIRA retreats has been an indescribable experience for me. This marks my third retreat, and each time I immerse myself in the community, it significantly impacts my life, elevating all my experiences. Miraculous occurrences unfold during this journey, shedding light on my intentions, desires, and challenges in day-to-day life. Navigating through these aspects becomes increasingly effortless, instilling in me a profound sense of confidence.

The Advanced Chanel Retreat, in particular, struck a perfect balance between energetic exercises and providing an abundance of tools for the awakened mind. This approach allowed me to grasp concepts that were previously explored solely on an energetic level. Equipped with these newfound insights, I plan to successfully integrate channeling into my daily life. My mind now comprehends how to tackle various issues that show up in my everyday experiences.

My gratitude extends to the community and the transformative experiences within. Everything that unfolds in this space contributes to my journey towards becoming the best version of myself. Thank you for this invaluable opportunity.

Definitely an experience that changes your life! Lubna is amazing and the way that Divine speaks through her is so clear. A profound and full of love journey! Thank you Lubna/Divine and all this wonderful community.

I had a crazy experience at around 7pm on the 8th day. I went back to the retreat and Divine spoke directly to me.. to my experience. I got the clarity I wanted. Immediately. So yeah.. always grateful for magical moments like these that make me trust Divine loves me and is always with me.

It was exactly what I needed. A very profound and divine experience - like every dira experience. Every time I do a retreat I love how stronger and stronger my connection becomes. It was very peaceful for me. Thank you.

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