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Application for sponsorship for the Level Program

  • Please include detailed and honest answers. 

  • All sponsorship award is at the discretion of Dira.

  • You may be contacted for an interview. Interviews are for verification and do not imply that your application is successful.

  • You will be notified of success ONLY if you are going to receive sponsorship. Applications that are rejected will not be informed.

  • Sponsorship only covers the fee that Dira charges for attendance of the retreat. It DOES NOT cover other expenses such as travel, accommodation, visas and other etc. Sponsorship for Level 1 is up to £1200, and for Level 2 up to £3250.

  • Sponsorship may be for full or partial fee cover. You can make a suggestion, but the final decision is with Dira. ONLY IN RARE CIRCUMSTANCES will the sponsorship cover 100% of the fee.


Upload a recent passport photo
Upload Evidence of Financial Postion
Upload health evidence
Do you have the resources to cover the other expenses of the retreat/ trip like travel, accomodation, visa and other?

Thanks for submitting!

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