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Activate Your Abundance: The Keys to Manifestation

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Ready to experience more abundance in your life?
This book outlines the keys to manifestation and provides you with the information, from a channeled perspective, that you need to experience more abundance in your life.

This book is the transcription and companion guide to the Activate Your Abundance workshop given by Lubna Kharusi, the Founder of Dira International. Lubna Kharusi is one of the clearest channelers of Divine Source on the earth today and teaches people how to become channels of Source.

This book provides the necessary knowledge to change your limiting beliefs and perceptions about abundance. It also provides tips, poems, and exercises to help reinforce receiving abundance in your life.


1. Introduction

2. Abundance Defined

3. Perception & Beliefs

4. The Vibration for Manifestation

5. Opening Yourself to Receive

6. Conclusion

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