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Welcome to Dira

Experience Inner Peace, Relieve Stress, And Rediscover Your Life's Purpose By Connecting with the Divine Resulting in Profound Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being and Healing Using The Dira Method.

What is Dira?

Dira offers one of the most powerful techniques of human awakening that exists today, by using the science of hypnosis to connect to & experience Divine.

What is Divine?

Divine = God = Universal Consciousness = Ultimate Source Energy = Supreme Being = Allah = Elohim = Para Brahman 

All is One

Enhance your connection & experience of Divine with hypnosis, and feel the difference.

NOTE: Channeling is not a replacement for religious or spiritual practices. It is a Method to enhance your experience, and can be combined and integrated with any practice that you may, or may not have.

In channeling using Dira's protocol, you enter a state of being conscious and aware of Divine. 

How Can Dira help You?

How would you live if you knew that you were Infinitely loved?


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What's New?


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