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The Vision of Dira

The vision of Dira is to make a global shift for humanity from separation to Oneness by teaching people how to connect to Divine Source directly.

Collective consciousness is currently at a level of understanding that we are separate from one another, living in a realm of duality, because our physical senses provide information that reinforces that belief. For example, we think we end at our skin, but yet our energy field radiates out far beyond the skin. We can touch, see, hear, smell, and taste things that are perceived to be outside of us, separate from us. We associate our identity with a physical body, a personality, or events in our life. 

As humans we can look at the world through many windows, one may be that we are physical beings for which we use our physical senses, another may be that we are energetic frequencies of vibration where we can use our intangible senses, like our 'sixth sense', and another may be that we are one with everything connected in Divine Source energy. One can use the term they feel comfortable with, but for us Divine Source refers to the ultimate energy of everything.

This conscious perspective and experience of vibrational energy and Oneness is the focus of Dira's philosophy, but instead of philosophizing about it too much, we provide tools for people to open their capacity to experience it directly, as experience cannot be denied, and within the reach of everyone. Just because someone has not yet experienced the conscious perspective Oneness or that we are energetically connected, doesn't mean it is not possible or is not a natural part of the human's capacity for conscious awareness. In the same way, if someone keeps their eyes closed, it doesn't mean that they can't see, they just chose to keep their eyes closed because they have been conditioned to do so, but their sense of sight exists they are just not using that capacity.  At Dira we enable people who want to experience and embody an expanded human experience by becoming a channel of Divine Source energy, where one can come to understand the expansiveness of what they are and how they are connected to everything in existence.

DIRA is an acronym for our method to enable this process; Divine-Intuitive-Receptive-Awareness.  

We believe that being a channel of Source energy is an integral part of human capacity, but yet through conditioning and mental constructs, we have prevented ourselves from accessing this natural state of connection, limiting ourselves, because of the reinforced beliefs of socio, historical constructs of what people interpret and believe to be possible. 

And what is the point of being able to channel Divine? To enable people to live the most magnificent possibility if they want to. Channeling Source affects all aspects of life, as it shifts the level of consciousness from which you function. You can consider consciousness to be the state of awareness from which you operate. For example, if you make a decision using logic, where consciousness is in the mental body, logic is limited to deriving conclusions based on historical data collection. However, Source consciousness has no limitation of information as is holds all that ever was, is, or will be- it is Omniscient, and in Oneness there is no time or space, so all is. Therefore, if someone has the option to use the mental body or Source, which would you choose? The one that has limited information? or the one that holds all information? We provide you with a method to access Divine Source.

At Dira we believe that this will be the way that people will live all over the world. In the same way that people all over the world use the internet, people all over the world will channel Divine Source Energy, it is just a matter of time.

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