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7 Days of Healing

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This album offers seven guided channeled sessions to help you on your healing journey, or to help you with loving a loved one who is ill. Sessions & Duration: 1. Healing a Loved One (19.57) 2. Sea Cleanse for Physical Healing (26.07) 3. Light Bodies Cleanse & Energize (25.21) 4. DNA Healing (8.07) 5. Electric Blue Light healing (14.16) 6. Hospital healing (16.31) 7. Liquid white Light Healing (19.13) The Basic Channeling Workshop is a Prerequisite: Dira is an organization that teaches people how to channel Divine Source Energy, and this program is using the capacity of channeling to enable a shift. Although our programs do sometimes contain theory, the theory is not what creates the shift. The shift is enabled on a vibrational level that is possible only through the vibration of channel. If you do not know how to channel or have not completed the Dira Basic Channeling Workshop, do not proceed until you have, as it is the foundation of Dira, and no programs at Dira can be done without knowing how to channel. The goal of all of Dira’s offerings is to enable results, which is a SHIFT OF VIBRATION that occurs through channeling. You may learn new information from this program even if you don’t know how to channel, but we want you to EXPERIENCE the shift. Book knowledge and EXPERIENCE are not equivalent.

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