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A New Age - Unveiling Truth (Digital Program)

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It's time to embrace the life your soul has always yearned for, to live authentically, and to discover your truth. Experience a transformative journey with our life-changing Dira retreat – a gateway to unlocking your full potential and shedding the masks that conceal your true self. This Retreat is structured as five days of exercises that need to be done in the sequence provided. Over the five days, you go through a cycle of life-changing transformation: Day 1: You are reminded of your connection to Divine, and the cleansing process begins, releasing old emotions, and limiting thought forms and attachments. Day 2: You start your energizing, by learning about tools to strengthen your energy and bring yourself back into alignment. Day 3: You are introduced to a technique of manifestation to bring your life into alignment with your soul's calling. Day 4: You release fears, identify areas of change, and identify implementable steps to move into this new phase of your life. Day 5: You step into your life purpose. This retreat is the RECORDING of an Online Retreat, providing you with easy access to the transformative experience from the comfort and privacy of your own space and at your own pace. Your authentic life awaits, start now! This retreat will take 15 hours to complete The Basic Channeling Workshop is a Prerequisite: Dira is an organization that teaches people how to channel Divine Source Energy, and this program is using the capacity of channeling to enable a shift. Although our programs do sometimes contain theory, the theory is not what creates the shift. The shift is enabled on a vibrational level that is possible only through the vibration of channel. If you do not know how to channel or have not completed the Dira Basic Channeling Workshop, do not proceed until you have, as it is the foundation of Dira, and no programs at Dira can be done without knowing how to channel.

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A New Age - Unveiling Truth

A New Age - Unveiling Truth

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