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A New Age Retreat

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It feels like a veil was pulled away gently.

It has revealed new possibilities, The unlimited.

It has opened my heart changed my perspective in many ways that i cannot yet comprehend. It has definitely improved my channeling skills and my way of loving and accepting myself and the others.

It has showed me different aspects of me, my soul and my psyche and ways to release burdens, let go of limiting beliefs and build a practical way into my future and be open to give and receive love.

It reminded me that i am Light🥰

I feel more prepared coming into the winter, to accept the rest and introspection because I know all of the other stuff I am yearning for is coming!!!! I felt every exercise so deeply and so clear. It was an amazing experience. I love you Lubie, thank you as always for sharing your love with us.

Never fails to impress

Finally surrendered myself, and believed that I can be bigger and brighter

I am grateful for this experience which was an opportunity to let go my old identity, release the past and embrace the Divine love. I understood what this means in my life, and found the tools for manifesting in difficult situations. I understood that I am not alone. Just stay in present time,in the Divine light, to observe and take choices in my own truth .

No one is my authority anymore. I am free to be me!

I am more confident, trustfull and I know I am sooo loved, that I cry. I am so happy. Thank you!

It gave me a new perspective… i think the group exercises contributed even more to this… i saw myself through others and i recognised the things/lessons that we share… and it gave me a sense of worldwide community who has similar interests and goes through somehow similar divine lessons. It felt like home and that i’m not just a “solo” wandering soul in this huge Universe… we’re a bunch of travelling souls. :)

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