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New Dira Channeling Induction

We are very excited to launch our new and revised Dira Channeling Induction.

The induction now incorporates sound, and the Song of Oneness. The induction was recorded in a studio where Level 7 facilitators anchored the energy.

The induction is the core of Dira, and it has a number of components. First is the guidance into trance using hypnosis, but this part is really just for the conscious mind the switch off. The energetic component is to focus enough energy to INDUCE the participant into an experience of Divine. This is why only those who have completed their Level 2 can do Dira inductions for participants, in order to ensure that their auric field is strong enough to enable the participant to be induced, as channeling is an energetic experience.

For this recording, we had a group of Level 7s and those who have already completed their Levels as facilitators anchoring the energy, so one can imagine how strong the energy is. Furthermore, we were guided to include the Song of Oneness in the recording, as sound is the most intense form of vibration, going beyond all barriers.

The Song of Oneness was downloaded in the Being of Oneness Retreat in 2021, and many of us that were in that retreat find the song deeply emotional, as this song dissolves the barrier of separation. Separation from Divine, separation from those who have moved on, separation from each other and separation from all - it is the Song of Oneness - and unites all in Oneness. You can imagine that in the induction, this song's vibration enables a union for you with Divine, a union that we all originated in, a union that we all will return to - and this union is accessible to us through channel.

Even if you already channel, please try it out and see if it deepens your channel, and let us know your feedback!

We hope that you enjoy it!

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