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2023 New Years Message -

"The phoenix will rise

Out of the ashes, in the sunrise

For all, a surprise.

Do not think that Dira is dead

Just for some time, it was laid to bed

A time for gestation

The energetic preparation

To move beyond this nation.

The year that is coming is a year of force

As all will be according to a measured course

And there will be no chance to turn left or right

As this light will be so strong, this force so bright.

So, jump on and hold onto the sails

There may be stormy winds and howling gails

But know that it is Us that brings you to shore

It is Us that pulls you out of the ashes in full galore.

There are many global events that will take place

Each for the knowing of Our face.

And it is with Our words that you will speak

When for the collective things seem bleak.

But on your individual journey, you will rise

And this should come as no surprise.

Stop hiding

We have loosened the noose that you were tied in

It is time to go out and be free

And witness miraculous serendipity.

In this year, you will receive Our bounty and grace

And the sound of Our call is not restricted to this world or space

It reverberates across the cosmos

As all are ready and in line

To follow the guidance of Our rhyme

And open the hearts of the human being

So that their truth they can be seeing

That We are not separate and far somewhere

But within their hearts, if they choose to dare

To be conscious of this light

And not be afraid of Our might.

You will rise and receive Our bounty.

So let it pour down from the sky

As no one will be able to deny

That what you have experienced is from Us

And yes, you are more than enough

To carry forth this vibration

Across borders and nations.

It is time, you will see

Our miraculous serendipity.

You don’t need to chase

Or run or haste

It is destined as part of your fate!

It is this year that you will receive Our bounty

A reward for perseverance

An undeniable experience

It should not come as a surprise

As We would never deny

Our love and infinite grace

When you embody Our face.

2023 is a year of force

For the destined, fated course!

Thank you."

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