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Dira delivers conscious educational programs that shifts participants identity from a personality with a story line, a history and a conditioning programming to a new reality based on intentional living, where the person withdraws their attention from any behavior that involves blame or finding fault in the world outside of themselves.

Dira teaches participants about the laws of resonance, which stands that we create others in our own image, our world reflects our own ideas. We are not actors in our life story, we are the creators and the directors and we have the power to shift our attention from an ego-based mentality to that of a witness to the divinity within us and within everyone. As participants we learn to see only the good in others, we search for it, we see others as equal to ourselves, their interests are as important to us as ours, and what people need from us is acceptance, understanding and love.

Through my journey in Dira, I have learned to forgive myself for anything that I have done that I felt ashamed of. I forgave any thoughts of judgments I held against myself or others. I forgave myself for any grief, loss or feelings of unworthiness. I am grateful that I am standing up, being vulnerable, and transparent with nothing to hide. I take pride that I am learning to be fully present & to connect to people with true empathy and that I am learning to transcend old patterns, learning to stand tall for my family and for the life energy within me that I may serve others. I learnt to commit to myself to show up in greater ways every day, to speak my truth and to live and express more authentically. I am practicing to focus my energy on the physical world developing a business that generates a life style of security, abundance and exploration. I am grateful that I found the Dira community, I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life, I learnt it’s possible to heal, it’s possible to win, it’s necessary to live fully completely. I choose to live a life full of success, celebration and service. I learnt self-love and I practice to be myself greatest cheerleader and supporter.


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