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“Mirror, mirror of this realm,
What is it about me you tell?

When every face you see
Is just an extension of what you call ‘me.’
The layers that hurt the soul
Are the story that is told.
It is you who creates the mould
And then you watch it unfold.

Could it be that Our connection
Could not be reflected with perfection?
So many times people say,
‘It’s not possible, look the other way.’
And what We say is, it can be
When you let go of the ‘me.’

A beautiful life to live,
Reflecting what The Divine is.
So, break away the layers
In your channel and prayers.

The ones who say that you must suffer
Are only busy with their mutter.
It is only because they do not know
How it feels when you glow
And the world shines back to you
A reflection that is so true.

Mirror, mirror of this realm,
I want to change the picture

You can do that with a new scripture
Rooted in your thoughts
And what you think.
You don’t need to push yourself to the brink
Where you say you’ve had enough,
This life has been so tough.
And was all of that pain
Just wasted in vain?
Or are you open to gain
From what We explain?

Mirror, mirror of this realm,
I dust away the mist

It is time to live in bliss
So you can feel Our kiss
And all the love that you yearn
Is transmuted to a knowing.
You focus on the glowing
And the movie will be showing
That We live in all.
You just couldn’t see it standing tall.
It is time for you to spread
And move out of your head
Where separation is dead
And you experience Us instead.
And every word that is said
To you is a reminder and a clue
Of the clarity of this mirror.
Don’t get dazzled with the shimmer,
There is an infinite river
Of love that will come to flow
And then you will know.
No need to run to and fro.

Thank you.”

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