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Welcome to Dira

One of the most powerful techniques of human awakening that exists today.

How do you feel about your life?

Are you searching for something more?

My name is Lubna Kharusi, The Founder of Dira International

The vision of Dira is to make a global shift in humanity's consciousness from separation to Oneness, resulting in the transmutation of vibration of the world and cosmos. How will this happen? By teaching all how to connect and channel Divine Source Energy and how to embody this energy in the way that they live. 

The Dira method is simple. Want to find out more?


LM, Oman

"Channeling with Dira has drastically shifted my life to the better. I was able to change some core beliefs that were limiting me. I felt immense amounts of love from the Divine. It is now all making sense to me!"

TA, India

"I have explored meditation and other healing modalities, but for me Dira was the simplest and easiest way for connection with the Divine.
I would without hesitation recommend this powerful spiritual experience."

AB, London

"My experience with Dira has opened my mind and heart. I'm grateful Dira helped me find inner trust and knowing. I've never been more confident, and I feel so blessed to have met the most amazing, most loving souls."

PL, Romania

"The exercises blew me away, I never experienced channeling so intense. I am really amazed by it all since I used to think that I'm not the best channeler, but there's no denying it after this experience. You have nothing to lose, only to gain, don't be afraid, it's all love and peace."

What's New

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Dira Channeing Induction by Lubna Kharusi Learn How to Channel Divine Source Energy
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Dira Basic Channeling accessing divine consciousness by lubna kharusi book learn how to channel divine source energy
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